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Our Mission & Story

Our Mission

“Healing our community through wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. By educating the mind, the spirit is enlightened to change the physical mechanics of the body”.

Black Hawks Organization (BHO) believes the spirit controls the mind, which in turn controls the body. Due to age and socioeconomic status, children and teens are inherently more vulnerable to the negative effects in the world. Adolescents face a wide range of threats, from violence and abuse, to higher rates of unemployment and health-related diseases. Investing in the health, education, protection, and well-being of children is the foundation for healthy societies with more sustainable and inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity.  How healthy, well nourished, educated and protected a child is from the start of his or her life can prevent life-changing repercussions.



The Black Hawks Organization (BHO) Health and Wellness a 501 © 3 non-profit organization, serving the needs of the urban communities. The Black Hawks Organization was established in the year 2000; to assist low-to-moderate income families by providing a facility for underprivileged youth and adolescents to come in off the streets, keep out of trouble, work with mentors/tutors, establish greater self-confidence, the camaraderie amongst peers, and pride in their community. The Black Hawks Organization's goal is to help in the development of our youth by preparing them to become healthy, productive adults in society.





Over the years, the Black Hawks Organization noticed a growing number of children who were unhealthy due to lack of proper nutrition, physical fitness, and positive mental reinforcement. To tackle these issues, BHO designed a health and wellness curriculum that focuses on three components: holistic wellness (spirit), creation through mental visualization (mind) and natural healing in health education (body). Through this curriculum, evolved three life-enhancing programs: Better Alternative Life and Natural Choice Education (B.A.L.A.N.C.E), Learning Educating, and Preparing (L.E.A.P), and Growing Overcoming and Living Sensibly (G.O.A.L.S).

The BHO goal is to educate youth and adolescents on how to achieve better health by way of proper nutrition, physical fitness, and developing ways to help reduce mental stress through various mental and physical activities. BHO has served hundreds of practitioners in several communities. Since the program's inception in 2015, we have seen many accomplishments with our practitioners, when it comes to their overall health. They are now eating healthier which has led to weight loss. Practitioners who suffer from Asthma, no longer need to use their inhaler as much anymore. Their strength and endurance have increased.

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