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When people hear the word seminar they think of sitting in a cold, dark auditorium and listening to somebody drab on about their played out opinions and ideas. Our seminars are exactly the opposite. They will be interactive allowing you, the audience, to also voice your opinions on the topic. When leaving our seminar, you will not be tired or ready to leave, but energetic and full with new information!



Workshops get participants fully involved in the learning process: small and large group discussions, activities & exercises, opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented. In our workshops you will learn to do it yourself. This includes making your own, chemical-free, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and other health and beauty products. We will also have fitness workshops which will help you discover your level of endurance, balance, stamina, etc. Our vegan culinary workshops will teach you how to make great tasting, healthy, plant-based meals. You will learn how to make your own herbal remedies, healing teas, and other medicinal products.