Black Hawks Organization Programs

B.A.L.A.N.C.E, Better Alternative Life and Natural Choice Education program is design to provide the knowledge and understanding for living a healthier lifestyle. Our health, fitness, and culinary workshops and seminars are interactive, they include DIY stations, such as make your own deodorant and detox shampoo. By the end of each session, you will know how to live a more holistic, alternative lifestyle. 



L.E.A.P, Learning Educating and Preparing program, is design to educate youth and adolescents and adults in receiving their highschool diploma or certification in a trade skill while doing that in a non-traditional way of holistic living. This educational program will take youth and adolescents from kindergarten through grade 12, guiding them on a path to a healthier lifestyle, while preparing them for college. During summer, students are able to continue their education through a fun-filled educational summer extravaganza. Also Adults have the opportunity to learn a trade in our vocational program, so that they can use these skills for career placement or advancement. For adults that have not finish high school, they will have the opportunity to receive their high school diploma.



G.O.A.L.S, Growing Overcoming, and Living Sensibly program is designed to educate students on achieving better health through proper nutrition, becoming physically fit, and developing ways to help reduce physical and mental stress through various physical activities/exercise. It will provide a place for students to focus and discipline their mind, have more control of their actions, exercise, stretch, and cardio workout (kicking and punching).