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BHO's Holistic Seminar

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Today BHO's Program Director, presented our first holistic Seminar. Topic, detox. It wasn't dry and distasteful as other seminars I've listened to. It was short, sweet and to the point. I know that detoxing is a fad, but I never really paid attention to it because I thought they were like every other thing going on in Hollywood. I actually learned a lot! Detoxing isn't just for losing weight, but for things like reaching emotional and mental clarity (which I need some help with myself).

I dont have much money. My bank account is dry, but there are other ways to detox that won't strain your wallet. You can make little changes that will make you feel energized and clean. One thing that Mr. Yisrael discussed is to switch out your morning coffee with tea. I love my Starbucks and I know you do too, but if it's for the sake of my body.... I can give up my morning frap.

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