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Black Hawks Student's Creed

As a practitioner, I must grow my spirit, to sprout my mind, to help flourish my body. This is the Holistic way, this is the Black Hawks way, this is my way. A spirit, mind, body approach!

Black Hawks Alma Mata


As we begin in life, we are like the martial art white belts; we know nothing, pure and innocent. But, with time, progression, and discipline, we begin to grow and take form through wisdom knowledge and understanding morphing us into a black belt that has taken the time to master each discipline and moving us one step closer to who we are destine to be.

Sabomnim's Oath


I live my life as the Almighty intends for me to live. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I try to live my life in perfection.  Though I may fall short from time to time, I will not allow myself to fall victim to my short comings. I understand that I am human and an imperfect being, even though I am entitled to my mistakes, it does not mean that I have the right to excuse them. I strive to live my life, as all of us should, that is to build, grow, and develop; if we do not, then we will truly die spiritually, mentally and physically. ~ Sa Bom Nim Yisrael

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