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Black Hawks Taekwondo Club


BHTC is 501 © 3 Non-Profit

“Our mission is to teach Taekwondo by utilizing a health and wellness spirit, mind, body, approach.”


Black Hawks Taekwondo Club was founded by Sabomnim Ben Yisrael in July 2014.


Black Hawks Tae Kwon Do Club (BHTC) will teach practitioners discipline, focus, respect, confidence, physical fitness, the importance of proper health and nutrition, and the will to train oneself to live a healthier life.


In addition, the program will include anti-bullying seminars, self-defense courses, and traditional Tae Kwon Do practices and tenets that include meditation, perseverance, self-control, and competition training.


BHTC aims to keep children healthy and physically fit. We developed a fitness boot camp for all club members. During boot camp, practitioners test their physical and mental limits, making them stronger in the body as well as the mind.


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