Black Hawks Organization Curriculum and Programs

The Black Hawks Organization curriculum consist of three major aspects Health and nutrition, meditation through visual stimulation of the arts and physical education. In the BHO curriculum, we are teaching students to live free from illnesses and to eat properly, being creative and a free-thinker, learning to understand the body and to keep it fit, while applying it to the things we do in everyday life through a spirit mind, body approach. The Spirit CONTROLS the Mind which CONTROLS the Body! Think about it… Can one’s mind have life without a Spirit? Can one properly control the functions of the body without a mind? Can one demonstrate an outward manifestation of the teachings without a body?


Spirit: the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power. 


Mind: the part of a person that thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers. 


Body: a person's whole physical self.



The first Aspect is the Spirit. The evolution of the spiritual aspect of is achieved before the physical and mental aspects can unfold and take root. Enlightenment comes when a person is at peace with self. An individual must become one with the tenets and teachings of BHO must be lived every day of life. The tenets must be applied to ones work, family and friends, and yes, even to ones enemies: Respect, Honor, Loyalty, Discipline and Focus.  The second aspect is the mind. To learn one must be taught. One must then apply teachings. While learning physical techniques, the individual is engaged in an intense edification process. One learns anatomy, how his body functions, what enables it to generate more power, and the weak points of the body so he/she can both protect vital areas, and use the opponent's weak points to defend himself. The student is learning to focus his concentration and to set and reach goals which he/she may have felt were far beyond their capabilities. The body is the third aspect is the body. When one begins training, one must first learn to stretch muscles and get one’s body into physical condition. One must work on conditioning, stretching, strength training, breathing, rhythm, balance, and much more in order to properly execute the techniques. The practice of these exercises and techniques are sharpening the individual's physical condition and thus developing a strong body. In order for an individual to develop into a complete and well-rounded person, one must cultivate each aspect of curriculum. If only one or two of the aspects are developed, then a person, no matter how hard one trains, may never become a true Master of life.

Through our key programs BALANCE, LEAP and GOALS, we can fulfill all aspects of this curriculum.  Through the B.A.L.A.N.C.E (Better Alternative Life and Natural Choice Education) program, we educate the members through a series of seminars and workshops. The BALANCE program is design to discuss the issues that is facing our community and bring them to the forefront through seminars and workshops. Our seminars are where we lecture on the different problems that the community is facing, and the workshops provide a more hands on approach that gets everyone involved versus just sitting and listening to a lecture.  Workshops may include such things as preparing a 30-day detox cleanse formula, walking through a stretching routine or having reading time, where the story teller read to the children and the children respond. Once we have highlighted the problem, we give the solution.  We discuss our two key programs L.E.A.P (Learning Educating and Preparing) program and the G.O.A.L.S (Growing Overcoming and Living Sensibly) program.


The LEAP program is our educational component which provides a solution to the problems our children and adults are facing such as failing grades and poor reading skills. Through LEAP educational programs we plan on developing a private school K-12th, a vocational school for students that are interested in a trade and a program where adults can go back to school and receive a high school diploma. The first project we are tackling under the LEAP program is our private school the Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning. BHI is a private school in a home school setting and is a Department of Education recognized non-profit private “Umbrella” school in the State of Florida. BHI was established because we witness in our community the declining of schools, where teachers are overwork and underpaid and the ones suffering is our children.  Children reading below grade level, students not in their right grade level and for some failing or quitting school all together.  Our goal with BHI is to tackle the education problem from kindergarten to 12th Grade. Through our private school parents/students can be a part of our program without the worry of peer pressure, bullying or threat of personal safety. Creating an environment conducive to learning where they can focus and learn.

The GOALS program is our physical fitness component which provides a solution to the problems our children and adults are facing with health issues such as, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. The GOALS program is designed to help those that are trying to get in shape, stay fit, flexible, and lose weight. The first project we are tackling under the GOALS program is the Black Hawks Taekwondo Club.  BHTC uses the art of Taekwondo to make sure that the heart rate, cardiovascular and cholesterol stays in normal range, while learning the art of self-defense.


B.A.L.A.N.C.E, Better Alternative Life and Natural Choice Education program is design to provide the knowledge and understanding for living a healthier lifestyle. Our health, fitness, and culinary workshops and seminars are interactive, they include DIY stations, such as make your own deodorant and detox shampoo. By the end of each session, you will know how to live a more holistic, alternative lifestyle. 



L.E.A.P, Learning Educating and Preparing program, is design to educate youth and adolescents and adults in receiving their highschool diploma or certification in a trade skill while doing that in a non-traditional way of holistic living. This educational program will take youth and adolescents from kindergarten through grade 12, guiding them on a path to a healthier lifestyle, while preparing them for college. During summer, students are able to continue their education through a fun-filled educational summer extravaganza. Also Adults have the opportunity to learn a trade in our vocational program, so that they can use these skills for career placement or advancement. For adults that have not finish high school, they will have the opportunity to receive their high school diploma.


G.O.A.L.S, Growing Overcoming, and Living Sensibly program is designed to educate students on achieving better health through proper nutrition, becoming physically fit, and developing ways to help reduce physical and mental stress through various physical activities/exercise. It will provide a place for students to focus and discipline their mind, have more control of their actions, exercise, stretch, and cardio workout (kicking and punching).