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Healing our community through wisdom, knowledge and understanding. By educating the mind, the spirit is enlightened to change the physical mechanics of the body.


Black Hawks Organization (BHO) believes the spirit controls the mind, which in turn controls the body. Due to age and socioeconomic status, children and teens are inherently more vulnerable to the negative effects in the world. Adolescents face a wide range of threats, from violence and abuse, to higher rates of unemployment and health-related diseases. Investing in the health, education, protection, and well-being of children is the foundation for healthy societies with more sustainable and inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity.  How healthy, well nourished, educated and protected a child is from the start of his or her life can prevent life-changing repercussions.




Sa Bom Nim Yisrael was only 17 years old when he observed the lack of growth and development in his peers and the children in the community. He wanted to have a safe, secure place where the children of the community could come in off the streets, away from the violence, rejection, and coldness of the world. He wanted his friends, family, and children of the community to engage in something productive and beneficial with their idle time. To tackle this emergent issue, Sa Bom Nim Yisrael sat down with his family and brainstormed a resolve for this crucial concern. That moment of contemplation led to the birth of the Black Hawks Organization (BHO). The Black Hawks Organization was about peace for the children and unifying everyone as a whole, regardless of race, age, creed, or religion. Sa Bom Nim Yisrael knew these children were the impending future, he yearned to teach young brothers and sisters about their heritage, culture, who/what they can grow up to be, and their place in society. Working with a team of family members, they taught the disciplined art of Taekwondo. By the year 2000, he progressed with his vision. After months of demanding paperwork, The Black Hawks Organization became a 501 © 3 not-for-profit organization. The BHO mission has always been to mentor children, giving them someone/something positive in their life to believe in. The hopeful objectives at that time were to bring peace and to unify the broken, despaired community. Several years ago, Sa Bom Nim Yisrael focus shifted. After contemplating his aim for this project, he uncovered his passion for the health and well-being of the community and its inhabitants.  He witnessed an increasing number of children who were becoming overweight, and obese. He saw that there was a need to assist in helping to manage weight control and to promote healthier options. The Black Hawks Organization established a health and wellness plan to provide a solution to this problem. BHO would teach about the importance of proper health and nutrition, through this program BHO aims to keep the children in the community healthy and fit, by giving them the tools to help keep them in shape. In turn, this assists with reducing the rate of unhealthy children.


The vision of the Black Hawks Organization is to cultivate, educate and motivate youth, adolescents, and adults through a spirit, mind, and body approach. The goal is to develop a curriculum that will allow our participants to stay spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy. To further drive these goals and visions, BHO has developed life-enhancing programs B.A.L.A.N.C.E, L.E.A.P and G.O.A.L.S  These three programs were developed to help youth, adolescents, and adults learn about health and nutrition, meditation through visual stimulation of the arts, and physical education. These programs will teach discipline and focus for better control of their minds and actions, respect for self and others, the will to train, and the confidence in oneself to live a healthier life. Our goal has always been to improve the lives of our children; through these programs, they will have the opportunity to be leaders. BHO wants to see our youth and adolescents happier and healthier.

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